High Court Enforcement

High Court Enforcement

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Money – Liverpool Bailiffs can help recover outstanding debts owed to you. If you have an outstanding CCJ above £600, our service to transfer the judgement to the High Court for Enforcement under a writ of control is free.

Notice to the debtor will be sent requiring payment, if they don’t respond within that notice period agents will attend to collect payment or seize goods.

Property  – Commercial:  You can instruct Liverpool Bailiffs remove Squatters or unauthorised Trespassers from a commercial property or your land through a writ of possession. If you have a possession order for land or commercial premises we can transfer this immediately to the High Court through our free service. Once the writ is sealed it can be enforced immediately and the squatters / trespassers removed.

For more information on this service click here.

PropertyResidential:  By using Section 42 of the County Courts Act, an application for leave to transfer a possession order through to the High Court can be made. If time is of the essence for your eviction then this is likely to be the most cost-effective course of action to take. For more information on our residential eviction services click here.

Assets – We are able to transfer return of goods orders to a writ of delivery on behalf of private individuals, law firms and insolvency practitioners. Read More.

ACAS & Tribunal Awards – Since 2010, High Court Enforcement Officers have had the power to enforce Employment Tribunal Awards, through a Fastrack System. This was designed to help successful Employment Tribunal Applicants if their former employers failed to pay the award ordered.

If you have an Employment Tribunal Award, Liverpool Bailiffs can help recover what is owed if your former employer refuses to pay.

Liverpool Bailiff Services are experts in all aspects of Enforcement, if you have questions, you need some advice, or you would like to instruct us, please get in touch.