Repossession Representative

Repossession Representative

On being faced with a tenant who still refuses to leave, even when ordered by the court, landlords and mortgage lenders can opt for eviction by warrant of execution. This will be affected by County Court Bailiffs, [the landlord or lender will still be required to arrange a locksmith and attend the eviction to receive the premises from the Bailiffs]. This can cause a great deal of inconvenience and disruption to those concerned.

Liverpool Bailiffs can act as agents for private landlords and Financial Institutions in the recovery of residential property throughout the North West. In addition to which we can also arrange Locksmiths at a discounted rate. Acting on behalf of the landlord or lender our agents will liaise with the bailiffs, receive the property back, and sign the warrant as having been executed.

Following repossession by the County Court Bailiff, where possible we will ensure that all utilities are isolated, a photographic condition report is made and meter readings are taken. A full inventory, photographs and appraisals can be undertaken where required.

On completion of the possession, we can deliver or send the keys to a destination of your choosing. Once the tenants have left, it may well be that they will require supervised access to collect the remainder of their belongings. Should this be the case and on agreement with the landlord, Liverpool Bailiffs will retain the keys in order to facilitate this.

Liverpool Bailiff Services are experts in all aspects of Enforcement, if you have questions, you need some advice, or you would like to instruct us, please get in touch.